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What is Birding Buddies

Birding Buddies is a free online resource for birders. It centralizes Wikipedia articles, simplifies eBird data, and gives users relevant information for their current location.

Birding Buddies is a great Birding reference. Every bird has its own page with classification information, an article, photos, and recent nearby sightings. Check out the Great Blue Heron as an example.

Location Aware

Birding Buddies uses the latest web technologies to give you results based on your current location. This includes nearby birding hotspots, nearby sightings, and notable bird sightings in your area.

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eBird Simplified

eBird is a wonderful project. They collect and share a LOT of data, which we use gratefully. Our goal is to simplify that data and make it easier to search and navigate. We sort eBird data our way: by location (using Google Maps), conservation status, and taxonomy. These are all great ways to find the bird you're looking for.

Social Birding

Connect with birders around you. Track their birding logs and sightings to make sure you don't miss any exciting birding action around you.

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Mobile Enabled

Birding Buddies is smart phone friendly, so you can use it when you're out with your binoculars. Lookup your current location, latest bird sighting, or log a sighting, all from your favorite mobile device. Birding Buddies on your phone is the most portable field guide you will find.

Photo Sharing

We love taking photos of birds, and we love looking at beatuiful photos taken by birding enthusiasts. If you add photos to your birding logs, they will be added to the bird's page and to your log. Share your photos with us!

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We created Birding Buddies because we love birding and we wanted to contribute to the wider birding community.

We succeed if the birding community grows and learns from any service that we provide.

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