Abyssinian Ground-Hornbill

Scientific Name
Bucorvus abyssinicus

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The Abyssinian Ground Hornbill or Northern Ground Hornbill, Bucorvus abyssinicus, is one of two species of ground hornbill. The other is the Southern Ground Hornbill. The Abyssinian Ground Hornbill is an African bird, found north of the equator. Groups of ground hornbills have territories of 2-100 square miles. They are diurnal In captivity, they can live 3540 years. Diet in the wild consists of a wide variety of small vertebrates and invertebrates, including tortoises, lizards, spiders, beetles, and caterpillars; also takes carrion, some fruits, seeds, and groundnuts.
The Abyssinian Ground Hornbill is one of the two most massive species of hornbill alongside the Southern Ground Hornbill. It reportedly averages around tall, around and weighs approximately . Per Stevenson and Fanshawe, the Abyssinian is a larger species on average than the Southern Ground Hornbill, at , but published weights and standard measurements contrarily indicate the Southern species is indeed slightly larger. Like its cousin, the Abyssinian Ground Hornbill has long bare legs for walking. The male has a red throat pouch and the female has a blue throat pouch. Modified feathers form long eyelashes, which protect their eyes from dust.