Black-headed Brush-Finch

Scientific Name
Arremon atricapillus
Conservation Status
Not Recognized (NR)

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Wikipedia Article

The Black-headed Brush Finch (Arremon atricapillus) is a species of bird in the Emberizidae family. It is found in the undergrowth of humid forest, especially near edges, at altitudes of in Colombia and Panama.
Until recently, the Black-headed Brush Finch was placed in the genus Buarremon. The Black-headed Brush Finch was often treated as a subspecies of the Stripe-headed Brush Finch (A. torquatus), but the distributions of the two approach each other closely in Colombia with no evidence of intergradation. In addition, the Grey-striped Brush Finch, A. costaricensis has often been treated as a subspecies of the Stripe-headed Brush Finch, or a subspecies of the Black-headed Brush Finch, but based on ecology, morphology, song, and molecular work, it has recently been suggested that A. costaricensis is worthy of treatment as a species. In that case, the Black-headed Brush Finch would only include the subspecies tacarcunae, and be restricted to Colombia and eastern Panama.