Cayenne Nightjar

Scientific Name
Caprimulgus maculosus
Conservation Status
Data Deficient (DD)

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The Cayenne Nightjar Caprimulgus maculosus is currently only known from a single specimen taken on the Fleuve Mana, French Guiana. A possible female was caught at the Sal airstrip, French Guiana. This is a small, brown variegated neotropical nightjar, 22.5 cm in length. It is known only from a single specimen, a male. Upperparts greyish-brown, broadly streaked blackish-brown on crown and nape. Narrow, indistinct tawny collar on hindneck. Wing-coverts greyish-brown heavily spotted buff; scapulars blackish-brown, broadly edged buff. Large white patch either side of lower throat. Underparts buff heavily barred brown.