Chatham Islands Parakeet

Scientific Name
Cyanoramphus forbesi
Conservation Status
Endangered (EN)

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The Chatham Parakeet (Cyanoramphus forbesi), also known as the Forbes' Parakeet or the Yellow-fronted Parakeet, is a rare parrot endemic to the Chatham Islands.
The Chatham Parakeet native habitat is in brushy forest on the Chatham Islands and Pitt Island. Due to hunting, the introduction of domestic cats and habitat destruction, the parakeets had diminished to 100 individuals on the lesser of the Mangere islands in 1938, but because of reforestation on Mangere Island Numbers have grown to hundreds. The parakeets are still confined to the two Mangere Islands.
Chatham Parakeets eat mainly invertebrates, though they are also known to eat flowers, seeds, and leaves.