Crested Duck

Scientific Name
Lophonetta specularioides

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The Crested Duck (Lophonetta specularioides) is a species of duck native to South America, the only member of the monotypic genus Lophonetta. It is sometimes included in Anas, but it belongs to a South American clade that diverged early in dabbling duck evolution (Johnson & Sorenson, 1999). There are two subspecies: L. specularioides alticola (Andean Crested Duck) and L. specularioides specularioides (Patagonian Crested Duck). The Patagonian Crested Duck is also called the Southern Crested Duck and its range lies in the Falklands, Chile, and Argentina. It feeds on invertebrates and algae, and prefers shallow coastal regions. It nests in tall grass near water and lays 5 to 7 eggs.