Great Green Macaw

Scientific Name
Ara ambiguus
Conservation Status
Endangered (EN)
Neotropical parrot|Arinae

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The Great Green Macaw (Ara ambiguus) also known as Buffon's Macaw or the Great Military Macaw, is a Central and South American parrot found in Nicaragua, Honduras, Brazil, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia and Ecuador. Two allopatric subspecies are recognized, the nominate subspecies is found in Central America to northern Colombia, while A. a. guayaquilensis is found in western Ecuador and possibly south-western Colombia.
The scientific name has recently been changed from A. ambigua to A. ambiguus to bring the name in gender agreement.
Great Green Macaws are the largest parrots in their natural range, averaging 8590 cm (3336 in) long and 1.3 kg (2.9 lb) in weight. They are mainly green and have a reddish forehead and pale blue lower back, rump and upper tail feathers. Tail is brownish red tipped with very pale blue. The bare facial skin is patterned with lines of small dark feathers, which are reddish in older and female parrots. The Great Green Macaw appears superficially similar to, and may easily be confused with the somewhat smaller Military Macaw.
It is endangered, and has been one of the key elements in the proposal for the formation of a new National Park in Costa Rica, Maquenque National Park. Already significant parts of the bird's existing habitat is covered by Nature reserves and other conservation projects.
Buffon's Macaw is sometimes bred in captivity, having a less nervous personality than most other macaws, but it is still very rarely seen as a pet.{{Citation needed|date=October 20