Malherbe's Parakeet

Scientific Name
Cyanoramphus malherbi
Conservation Status
Critically Endangered (CR)

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The Malherbe's Parakeet (Cyanoramphus malherbi) is a small parrot endemic to New Zealand. In New Zealand it is commonly known as the Orange-fronted Parakeet, a name it shares with a species from Middle America. The species is critically endangered with 50249 individuals left in the wild. For many years the Malherbe's Parakeet was considered a subspecies or as colour variant of the commoner Yellow-crowned Parakeet. More recent research has shown that it is a valid species. They live in Nothofagus forest in the South Island of New Zealand, although they may have had a wider range of habitats prior to the arrival of humans. They have been threatened by the felling of old growth forest, which provided the older trees which they nested in, by overgrazing of the low bushes which they fed in, and by predation by introduced rats, stoats and cats. The species name honours the French ornithologist Alfred Malherbe