Mindanao Bleeding-heart

Scientific Name
Gallicolumba crinigera
Conservation Status
Vulnerable (VU)

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The Mindanao Bleeding-heart (Gallicolumba crinigera) is a species of bird in the pigeon and dove family (Columbidae). It is endemic to the Philippines. It is so named because of a red blotch on its breast. Its natural habitat is tropical moist lowland forests. It is threatened by habitat loss and overhunting. It occurs (or did occur) on Samar, Leyte, Bohol, Dinagat, Mindanao and Basilan, but the only records since the 1980s are from Mindanao, Bohol and Samar. The Basilan subspecies, Gallicolumba crinigera bartletti, apparently became extinct by the mid-20th century, but captives claimed as being of this subspecies still exist, among others in the San Diego Zoo. However, the subspecies Gallicolumba crinigera crinigera seems more common than previously believed; nonetheless, its status is not sufficiently known for a definite assessment. Initially listed as a species of Least Concern in 1988, it was subsequently uplisted to Vulnerable in 1994, and further to Endangered in 2000. With its exact rate of decline still unresolved, it is downlisted again to Vulnerable status in the 2007 IUCN Red List. Gallicolumba criniger -Philadelphia Zoo, Pennsylvania, USA-8a.jpg|At Philadelphia Zoo PhlogoenasBartlettiWolf.jpg|G. c. bartletti