Papuan Hawk-Owl

Scientific Name
Uroglaux dimorpha
Conservation Status
Data Deficient (DD)

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The Papuan Hawk-Owl, Uroglaux dimorpha is a medium-sized, sleek owl with a porportionately small head, long tail, and short, rounded wings. Its white facial disk is small and indistinct, with black streaks, and white eyebrows. It has buff colored upperparts and barred black and brown underparts. Its eyes are bright yellow, and it has a gray to black bill. The male is larger than the female, which is unusual among owls; in most owl species, the female is larger than the male. Though generally found in lowland rainforest or gallery forest in lowland savanna, the Papuan Hawk Owl is occasionally found at elevations up to above sea level. It is probably a resident species in its restricted range, New Guinea. Not much is known about the status of this species, as insufficient data exists to quantify its population numbers. It is rarely seen, and may be threatened due to deforestation.