Red Sea Swallow

Scientific Name
Petrochelidon perdita
Conservation Status
Data Deficient (DD)

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Wikipedia Article

The Red Sea Cliff Swallow (Petrochelidon perdita), also known as the Red Sea Swallow, is a species of bird in the Hirundinidae family.
It is possibly endemic to Sudan. It is known only from a single specimen, found in May 1984 at the Sanganeb lighthouse, north-east of Port Sudan, Sudan. This enigmatic swallow may still exist, though the lack of recent records is puzzling. Unidentified swallows have been sighted in Lake Langano (c.20 birds) and in Awash National Park (3-8 birds) in the East African Rift in Ethiopia, and these are possibly this species. It is alternatively placed in the genus Hirundo.