Rockhopper Penguin

Scientific Name
Eudyptes chrysocome
Conservation Status
Vulnerable (VU)

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The rockhopper penguins are three closely related taxa of crested penguins that have been traditionally treated as a single species and are sometimes split into two or three species. Not all experts agree on the classification of these penguins. Some consider all three as distinct species, some split the Western and Eastern forms into the Southern Rockhopper Penguin and keeping the Northern Rockhopper as distinct, while other experts lump all 3 calling it simply Rockhopper Penguin. The subspecies in the group are: * Southern Rockhopper Penguin, Eudyptes (chrysocome) chrysocome * Northern Rockhopper Penguin, Eudyptes (chrysocome) moseleyi * Eastern Rockhopper Penguin, Eudyptes (chrysocome) filholi