Royal Parrotfinch

Scientific Name
Erythrura regia
Conservation Status
Vulnerable (VU)

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The Royal Parrotfinch Erythrura regia is a species of estrildid finch endemic to Vanuatu. It is found commonly at mid-altitudes on the larger islands such as Espiritu Santo, above 300 m. But it also can be found at sea-level small islands in fruiting figs in forest edge in Emae and Tongoa. This species is usually found in singles, pairs or small groups feeding on figs in the forest canopy.
The Royal Parrotfinch is approximately 11 cm long. This species is a multicoloured finch. Male Royal Parrotfinches have a bright red head and tail, blue breast and turquoise-green upperparts, while females are greener in colour. Young Royal Parrotfinches are duller with dull blue head. This species has high, thin voice and trilling song.
This species is threatened by the commercial logging which removed its natural habitat. There are also reports of small-scale cage-bird trade of Royal Parrotfinch.
It was suggested to implement captive conservation breeding programme on Lake Letas Reserve, Gaua. It was also proposed to investigate any cage-bird trade, especially on Tongoa and Emae. Reduce commercial logging to conserve forest reserves, supporting natural habitat of Lake Letas Reserve.