Soft-plumaged Petrel

Scientific Name
Pterodroma mollis
Conservation Status
Least Concern (LC)

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The Soft-plumaged Petrel (Pterodroma mollis) is a species of seabird in the Procellariidae family.
It breeds on islands in the Southern Hemisphere, nesting on Tristan da Cunha, Gough Island, the Prince Edward Islands, Crozet Islands, Macquarie Island, and on the Antipodes Islands of New Zealand. Small numers breed in the Maatsuyker Island Group of southern Tasmania. It disperses outside the breeding season, reaching eastern South America north to Brazil, southern Africa and Australia. It has occurred as a vagrant in Israel, Norway and Jordan.
Fea's Petrel (P. feae), Deserta's Petrel (P. desertae) and Zino's Petrel (P. madeira) of the North Atlantic were formerly treated as subspecies of this bird.