Streaked Shearwater

Scientific Name
Calonectris leucomelas

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The Streaked Shearwater, Calonectris leucomelas is a species of seabird. The bird is in size, with a wingspan. This species is pelagic, but also occurs in inshore waters. It occurs in the Pacific Ocean, nesting in Japan and many of its offshore islands. After breeding, the Streaked Shearwater migrates toward southern Australia. It has been reported well off the west coast of the United States and from the Southern coast of India. The Streaked Shearwater feeds mainly on fish and squid. It follows fishing boats, attracted to anchovy crawls off Japan. Streaked Shearwater uses burrows to nest in. It prefers forested hills. This bird is abundant and widespread, however some mortality occurs through becoming entangled in fishing nets, and from some predation by cats and rats. In addition, it is harvested by some traditional endemic human cultures.