Upper Magdalena Tapaculo

Scientific Name
Scytalopus rodriguezi
Conservation Status
Endangered (EN)

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The Upper Magdalena Tapaculo (Scytalopus rodriguezi) is a member of the tapaculos, a group of Neotropical birds. It was described as new to science in 2005. It is a restricted-range endemic presently known only from two localities on the eastern slope of the Cordillera Central at the head of the Magdalena Valley, Colombia at 2000 m or more above sea-level. Its range is believed to be no greater than 170 km², and its population around 2,200 pairs; due to its recent description, no formal evaluation of its conservation status has taken place yet, however. It is found in humid forests with dense understorey. The species scientific name honours José Vicente Rodriguez Mahecha, a Colombian conservationist. The existence of this species was first suspected in 1986, when a tape-recording of the bird's song was made, but political instability in the region prevented a return visit until 2002-2003, when the species' existence was confirmed.