White-throated Flowerpecker

Scientific Name
Dicaeum vincens
Conservation Status
Near Threatened (NT)

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Wikipedia Article

Legge's Flowerpecker or White-throated Flowerpecker (Dicaeum vincens) is a small passerine bird. It is an endemic resident breeder in Sri Lanka. It is named after the Australian ornithologist William Vincent Legge. Legge's Flowerpecker is a common resident breeding bird of forests and other well-wooded habitats including gardens. Two eggs are laid in a purse-like nest suspended from a tree. This is a very small, stout flowerpecker, 10 cm in length, with a short tail, short thick curved bill and tubular tongue. The latter features reflect the importance of nectar in its diet, although berries, spiders and insects are also taken. The male Legge's Flowerpecker has blue-black upperparts, a white throat and upper breast, and yellow lower breast and belly. The female is duller, with olive-brown upperparts.
In Sri Lanka, this bird is known as Lanka Pilachcha in Sinhala Language.This bird appears in a one rupee Sri Lankan postal stamp.