White-throated Ground-Dove

Scientific Name
Gallicolumba xanthonura
Conservation Status
Near Threatened (NT)

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The White Throated Ground Dove (Gallicolumba xanthonura) is a species of ground dove in the genus Gallicolumba. Their distribution is on the Northern Mariana Islands inhabiting the native forests. It has become extirpated from Guam (to USA) by predation from the introduced brown tree snake Boiga irregularis. Single birds do turn up once every few years but are most likely individuals dispersing from the island of Rota. The birds are shy and tend to keep well hidden. *Habitat/Distribution: Forest - Subtropical/Tropical Moist, Shrubland - Subtropical/Tropical Moist, Artificial/Terrestrial - Plantations *Threats: Habitat Loss/Degradation, Invasive alien species, Harvesting
This species averages in length and weighs . The male White Throated Ground Dove has a chocolate brown body with white head and breast while the females are shades of brown with no white on the body.