Williams's Lark

Scientific Name
Mirafra williamsi
Conservation Status
Data Deficient (DD)

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The Williams's Lark (Mirafra williamsi) is a species of lark in the Alaudidae family. Discovered in 1955, much of its life and ecology is still a mystery to ornithology.
In general, the natural habitat of M. williamsi is subtropical or tropical dry shrubland. Its range is restricted to northern Kenya where it is found in two disjunct populations: One is north of Marsabit, in the Didi Galgalla desert, a region marked by plains of rocky, red lava soils and patches of short-grass and bushes. The other inhabits a particular area (elevated between 600m and 1,350m) lying between Isiolo and Garba Tula. It has even, unbroken communities of Barleria shrubs.
The males of the species perform long, drawn-out, conspicuous song-flights above their territories after the rains at dawn, making them easy to find at this time.
M. williamsi consumes various seeds and insects.