Yellow-throated Whistler

Scientific Name
Pachycephala macrorhyncha
Conservation Status
Not Recognized (NR)

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Wikipedia Article

The Yellow-throated Whistler (Pachycephala macrorhyncha), also known as the Banda Sea Whistler, is a species of bird in the Pachycephalidae family. The Oriole Whistler is sometimes alternatively called the Yellow-throated Whistler, leading to confusion between both species. It is endemic to central and south-eastern Wallacea, where it ranges from Timor east to the Tanimbars and north to Seram and Banggai (roughly equalling the islands in or adjacent to the Banda Sea). It is variably considered a subspecies of a widespread Golden Whistler or treated as a separate species, but strong published evidence in favour of either treatment is limited, and further study is warranted to resolve the complex taxonomic situation. Among the members of the Golden Whistler group, the Yellow-throated Whistler is bordered to the north by the Black-chinned Whistler, to the west by the Rusty-breasted Whistler, and to the south by the Australian Golden Whistler. The only subspecies of the Yellow-throated Whistler where the male is yellow-throated is fuscoflava from the Tanimbar Islands. Males of other subspecies are white-throated, except par (Romang Island) and compar (Leti Islands) where the plumages of the males are female-like.